With the multi-functionality slot "Koi Princess" by NetEnt surpasses everything that the company supplied earlier for online casino halts. The variety of prizes, the opportunity to break a big jackpot of 100,000 coins and a payout ratio of 96% in a colorfully and originally designed game will surely attract even the pickiest players. http://slotmine.com/koi-princess/ is stylized under the motives of the Japanese anime. Clapping hands with each win, a Japanese woman, modestly standing to the left of the screen, looks quite sincere in expressing her feelings and, at times, wants to give her some of her winnings. There are very picturesque dragon-dealer and magic fish in bonus games. All graphic and figurative symbols of the game are extremely expressive and all together create the captivating atmosphere of the Japanese manga. Traditional Japanese tunes are synchronized to the stages of the game - during the winning or falling out of a combination of symbols, the music grows and subsides along with the movement of images on the screen. For the most gambling players, the bonus rate option is available, in which a doubled sum is placed on the spin, and the probability of falling out of the prize options is increased.

Interesting Features

“Koi Princess” slot machine has a clear interface and a minimum of control buttons:

  • In the center of the control panel there is a button that shows two arrows in the form of a closed circle - this is the Start button, which starts the game process;
  • To the left of it is the button Auto Play, which activates the auto-mode of the slot;
  • To the right of the Start is MaxBet. With its help the maximum amount of the bet is formed;
  • Level - the number of coins per spin;
  • Coin Value - selection of the coin's value;
  • Bet - the size of the current bet;
  • Coins are the press office of the Treasury, where you can see the current changes in your account.
  • The round button with the letter "i" opens the information window. In the upper right corner there is a scoreboard, which displays the actual information at the time of the game;
  • Pressing "Auto" in the lower left corner will cause a pop-up window in which you can not only start or stop the auto-game mode, but also adjust the number of lines for this mode.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

"Princess Koi" slot is a game with five drums and twenty uninterrupted bands, on which paid combinations are formed during the game. Bets on all bands are always equal. Up to ten coins with denominations of 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50 or 1 euro are accepted for each position. It turns out that the round can be put no less than twenty cents and not more than two hundred euros. Here there are stylized card symbols (ten, jack, queen, king and ace) traditional for most slots, as well as special symbols that are unique, both in appearance and in gaming functions assigned to them. As usual, they are divided according to the degree of their usefulness, which in the format of the list looks like this:

  • Ten - Ace bring from 10 to 160 rates;
  • Chinese Coins and two cute dragons: Green and Orange will bring you to the account of 20 - 300 bets;
  • “Princess Koi” provides generous gifts from two characters on the line. In total from it is possible to expect 2, 40, 200 or 400 coins. The symbol can go in long strips.
  • A blue wave with the inscription Wild is a Wild Symbol. Replacing the missing elements, it can also form its own combinations. In this case, you can count on 4, 100, 300 or 500 bets;
  • A sea dragon acts as a scatter. He launches a wheel, similar to a roulette wheel, where you can choose a prize and get a solid win. The number of rotations is indicated on the wheel itself.

The accrual of funds to the player's balance occurs in the case of the formation of a chain of at least three images of the same type from the first drum on the left in the opposite direction. Each collected line will be paid based on a certain image coefficient (from x2 to x500), which will be multiplied by the established bet on a single line.

Lines & Reel Strips

There are three options for starting the reels. Single rotation depending on the value of the bet is made by pressing the Start key (the round button in the center of the scoreboard) and Max Bet. In the latter case, the device will automatically select the maximum available financial indicator. To activate continuous rotations, use the Auto play button. The player is offered the opportunity to choose a certain number of spins from 10 to 1000.

Bonus Rounds

To the implementation of prize-winning rounds of “Princess Koi”, NetNet developers came up with special care. The multifunctional “Princess Koi” can be pleased with the random activation of additional options, and several kinds of free spins tours, each of which will allow you to play for free on various terms. The gamer can receive an additional spin with guaranteed formation of a full line of five characters, rotation of 4-9 wild symbols arranged in cells randomly, re-spin, turning the second and fifth coils into "wild" drums or an extraordinary bonus game. Running a random prize round is accompanied by the appearance of three fish on the screen. Choosing one of them will determine the type of free spins in the current session.

The bonus round is also presented in 4 varieties. With the simultaneous loss of three Bonus signs in any places of the reels, the "Wheel of Fortune" appears on the scoreboard, which determines exactly how to play online in this round of the “Princess Koi” slots game. Among the possible options - free rotation with the mandatory participation of the "wild" symbol and guaranteed compensation at each back. Also there are free spins with activation of overlapping "wild" on several drums. The pick & win round allows you to get both monetary compensation, and free scrolling, and instant transfer to the account of a solid amount.

Variations of this slot

For fans of entertainment without risk in “Princess Koi” slots there is a demonstration mode, allowing you to play for free and without registration. In this case, virtual credits are credited to the renewable user balance.

Casino players will be able to play the slot for real money only after passing the registration procedure and creating their own deposit. Among the numerous casinos you need to choose a reliable one, which is characterized by players only on the positive side.

Rules and features

Within the “Koi Princess” slot, the following set of technical characteristics is applied: 5 reels, 3 bands and 20 permanently active lines. For a single rotation it is possible to set a bet in the amount of 0.20 to 200 dollars. But, and if the player decides to use the bonus rate, which affects the frequency of triggering random functions and the level of return of all invested funds, the total money rate will double, thus reaching $ 400 per spin.

Activation of a random function occurs at any time of the game, where the user will be able to notice the appearance of three different colored fish on the seconded game field. He will need to choose one of them, in order to move into one of the four features of the game:

  • Wild Reels – re-spin with 2 and / or 5 reel slots filled with stacked wild ones;
  • Random Wild - free restart of coils with the appearance of 4 to 9 Wild in any position of the playing field;
  • 5-Hit - guaranteed prize payment, which will be based on the received additional images (of any kind) scattered by your chosen fish at any position of the field;
  • Bonus Activation - activates the launch of the main drum, which will determine the prize game by its rotation.

Waiting for the appearance of three bonus symbols on the playing field of the “Koi Princess” slot machine or selecting the fish that hides the "Bonus Activation" function - a rotating drum will appear on the main screen of the slot with four different methods of implementing the bonus game. In order to determine what way of development of the game will fall to you, you must stop the rotation by clicking on the "stop / stop" button. Which option will fall out to you depends on your luck, as it will be determined randomly, but it is guaranteed to be one of the four modes described further:

  • Coin Win. The simplest version of development is presented in the form of instant cash payment in the amount of x10 to x30 of the total monetary rate;
  • Sure Win Free Spins. Ten free spins with a guaranteed win in each back for the maximum amount received before that. In this case, the field will rotate an increased number of wild, which by its appearance and contribute to the accrual of a large prize;
  • Wild Reels Free Spins. Ten free spins with an extra amount of Wild, which will each new spin appear on the new reels. In total, they will be able to occupy all three vertical cells from 1 to 5 slot coils;
  • Bonus Wheel. The user is transferred to a new background window, where there is a huge animated dragon and a round drum with images on it, activating some prize functions. Each time the dragon rotates the three-level drum by a certain number of positions, after you throw the dice, thereby determining the strength of the rotation. A character that stops after turning on the arrow will credit one prize feature from this list:
  1. Instant multiplication of the total bet amount by coefficients from x2 to x5;
  2. Go to the next level of the wheel (the arrow pointing to the center of the circle);
  3. Double the current multiplier of winning twice (inscription Double Up);
  4. The symbol that terminates this mode is represented by the inscription "Collect";
  5. Go to one of two free spins’ modes with an additional amount of wild (image of the bonus game Sure Win Free Spins or Wild Reels Free Spins);
  6. The coefficient of multiplying the rate in the amount of x50 to x250 (located in the very center of the drum).

Rotation of the drum will continue until you reach its center, behind which the jackpot of the bonus round is hidden or in case of a stop on "Collect" in one of the levels on the way to the center of the circle. All received winnings for the period of rotation at the end of the game will go to the player's balance with a total amount of money.

History of “Koi Princess”

The “Koi Princess” slot is created in 2014 on the basis of the Asian anime style, where a river with a huge waterfall flows in the background of the game, Japanese musical motifs are played with the sounds of flowing water, and on the left side of the window you can see the princess Koi herself. Every time a combination is formed on the field, she cannot hide her joy, throwing it out - smiling, clapping her hands or batting an eye. Not only is it endowed with animation effects, while playing at any time below there may appear fish living in the river or one of the main symbols of Japanese culture - the red dragon.

All the main buttons that are able to regulate the gameplay of the machine are in the control panel located at the very bottom of the window. There is also an additional bet activation button and some other settings that allow you to enable fast rotation or disable the background accompaniment of sounds.


The “Koi Princess” slot machine from NetEnt is once again surprising with the attractiveness of graphics. Design of five-drum slot “Koi Princess”  with 25 pay lines is decorated in the style of Japanese anime. Possessing an increased number of bonuses, the online “Koi Princess” slot is characterized by traditional simplicity of management. The interesting subject of the slot definitely goes to the background, looking at so many different functions. Although the design and storyline thought out to detail, a huge interest still causes all the prize money.

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And above this team of developers of the studio have worked perfectly, having introduced such a number of bonuses, which, in addition to the basic set of bonuses activated in the standard way, has allowed some functions to be given the chance of random launch, where absolutely any prize feature is able to please the player with a large cash prize

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